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January 2023




Giving Back to Our Members

Did you know that 3 Rivers co-op members pay about $20 per month less than customers of other Internet/Phone providers?

Customers who use 3 Rivers' Unlimited Long Distance, included with our local voice service, save an average of $8 per month. Long distance calls cost up to 15 cents per minute before we started including it with voice service.

3 Rivers voice customers also have as many as twenty different features like Voice Mail and Caller ID included with their service, which previously cost $5 per month.

WiFi Optimization is included with 3 Rivers' Internet service. In-home WiFi won't work at peak capability with incorrect settings, an older router, or one that's located in a bad spot. We address these issues and even offer free router replacement. Most companies charge $10 per month for this type of "managed WiFi" service.

At 3 Rivers, we're don't nickel and dime you for a few dollars each month by charging for things that should be part of the service for which you already pay.



Website Compass - Download Images to View Website Compass - Download Images to ViewWebsite Compass Looks at Elder Financial Abuse

The feature article in the Winter 2023 Website Compass magazine examines a growing threat in the U.S. — elder financial abuse. Check out the issue now to learn how seniors can be scammed out of money and property by strangers, relatives, or caregivers.

Website Compass is a value-added bonus (and thank you gift) for being one of our internet customers. CLICK HERE or on the image on the right to access it.


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Stunning Voice at 13
Winner of Norway's Got Talent at age 7, Angelina still has the voice of an angel as she sings on America's Got Talent.

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Octopus Playtime
Living at a professor's home, this octopus changes colors, watches people intensely, and plays with an empty pill bottle.


Yummy Healthy Dishes
Yummy Healthy Dishes
Discover family-friendly recipes from Air Fryer Chicken Wings to Meatball Casserole to Cheesy Roasted Asparagus.
Learn more...

Calling All Bookworms
Calling All Bookworms
This site wrote the book on organizing your current book club or starting a new one, plus finding your next book to read.
Learn more...

Try Playing Wordle
Try Playing Wordle
Millions of people consider Wordle to be a letter-perfect daily word game. It's quick and easy to play, so give it a try!
Learn more...


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Cooking Demo 1 - Download Graphics to View
4 Slow Cooker Recipes
January is Slow Cooking Month! Try Chicken and Dumplings, Lasagna Soup, Beef Ragu Pappardelle, or Pot Roast.

Cooking Demo 2 - Download Graphics to View
Pick a Quick Bread Flavor
Get the recipe for a delicious quick bread base, then easily modify it to make your choice of banana, pumpkin, or apple.


Close to the Mount Loa VolcanoClose to the Mount Loa VolcanoClose to the Mount Loa Volcano
Close to the Mount Loa Volcano
See a zoomed-in view of the lava channel as seen by Hawaiian Volcano Observatory field crews on December 5, 2022.

Mesmerizing ButterfliesMesmerizing ButterfliesMesmerizing Butterflies
Mesmerizing Butterflies
These beauties are from Joel Satore's Photo Ark, a groundbreaking effort to document species before they disappear.


Do-It-Yourself Demo 1 - Download Graphics to View
How to Clean Area Rugs
Better Homes & Gardens demonstrates basic care, deep cleaning, and stain removal to keep your area rugs looking great.

Do-It-Yourself - Download Graphics to View
Better Organize Your Closet
A professional organizer shows you the steps, from pulling everything out and getting rid of used items to creating a system.


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