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About 3 Rivers Communications

Who We Are

3 Rivers Communications is member-owned cooperative with corporate headquarters in Fairfield, MT, originally founded in 1953. The members of the cooperative elect a Board of Trustees that sets policy to represent members’ interests and ensure the company's success.

3 Rivers is a Smart Rural Community Gig-Certified Provider and offers High Speed Internet, Local and Long Distance Voice Service and Business Class Services. Click here for a map of 3 Rivers service areas.

3 Rivers’ mission is to provide superior communications services that enhance our members lives and improve our communities.

3 Rivers Communications Board of Trustees

Kirk Dige
Big Sky
Term expires 2025

Howard Goltz
Term expires 2026

Logan Good
Carter/Great Falls/Highwood
Term expires 2027

Mary Hill Board President
Term expires 2026

Kyle Burgmaier
East Conrad/Conrad/Brady/Power/Shelby
Term expires 2026

Kelly McInerney
Augusta/Fairfield/Fort Shaw/Helena
Term expires 2025

Diane Gollehon
Term expires 2027

Dale Giem
Lima/ Melrose/Sheridan/Twin Bridges/Virginia City
Term expires 2025

3 Rivers Communications Directors

  • Dave Gibson- General Manager/CEO
  • Emily Gulick- Director of Finance/CFO
  • Thyge Gronning - Director of Facility Operations
  • Tim Hodges - Director of Network Operations
  • Bonnie Mayer - Director of Human Resources
  • Peggy Poor - Director of Customer Operations
  • Don Serido - Director of Marketing