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Voice Service

3 Rivers provides Digital Voice Service as well as traditional local exchange telephone service to residential and business customers. Voice service includes Unlimited Long Distance (upon request) and Calling Features such as Voice Mail and Caller ID.

Please call 3 Rivers at 406-467-2535 or 800-796-4567 for local monthly rates for residential and business customers.

Digital Voice

All modern telecommunications networks use digital transmission to move the sound of your voice across a nationwide - or global - network. Digital signals are far more reliable, efficient and secure and are used universally by all telecommunications companies. This is the case for your cell phone and your 3 Rivers phone calls, and has been for more than a decade. Read more

Important Information About Digital Voice and Battery Backup

3 Rivers Service Areas/Extended Area Service (EAS)

3 Rivers is the local telephone provider in 25 exchanges, and also provides service in Conrad and Shelby, plus limited service in Great Falls.

All cooperative members are part of 3 Rivers' Extended Area Service (EAS), with the capability to call from one 3 Rivers exchange to any other 3 Rivers exchange without incurring toll charges. (Does not include Conrad, Shelby, or Great Falls.)

For a map and list of all 3 Rivers exchanges included in this service, click here.