Montana Dinosaur Center

Youth Technology Grant

Montana Dinosaur Center Receives Grant


The Montana Dinosaur Center in Bynum was recently awarded an $8,000 Youth Technology Grant by 3 Rivers Communications. The Dinosaur Center is an education and research organization that serves youth and adults along the Rocky Mountain Front of Montana.

The grant went towards the purchase of a 3D scanner and printer and other computer equipment for digital modeling and reconstructions of specimens for research, as well as printing 3D copies of specimens from other museums. The Dinosaur Center is working with the Bynum Elementary School to create a pilot STEM program using the area’s natural history as a hook to engage youth in science.

“This program enhances a student’s access to technology,” said Cory Coverdell, executive director of the Center. “It gets kids hands-on with technology they typically wouldn’t encounter in rural Montana.”

Dave Gibson, 3 Rivers’ GM/CEO, said, “Supporting projects like this is big part of our mission as a member-owned cooperative, while we continue work to bring fiber optics to every home and business we serve.”

3 Rivers’ Youth Technology Grant program provides funding for projects that benefit the youth of communities it serves by enhancing access to, or increasing knowledge and use of, technology in specific measurable ways. More information on how to apply for a grant can be found on under Grants & Sponsorships.

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