Fairfield-Teton Public Library Receives Grant

Community Enhancement Grant

Fairfield-Teton Public Library Receives Grant


Fairfield-Teton Public Library Receives Grant

The Fairfield-Teton Public Library was recently awarded a $3,500 Community Enhancement Grant by 3 Rivers Communications to help modernize the Library’s technology services.

The grant will help purchase new computers and a high-quality laser printer that will be made available to library users who may not have such equipment at home. A new barcode scanner and receipt printer will help the library attain better inventory of library media.

“Patrons will have access to cutting edge technology which supports our mission of personal, educational and professional growth,” said Fairfield-Teton Library Director Tracie Roeder. She continued, “Seniors can stay engaged socially and continue their personal development.”

Dave Gibson, 3 Rivers’ CEO/GM stated, “Giving back to our co-op members by supporting projects like this is a big part of our mission, especially when those projects focus on education and technology.”

3 Rivers’ Community Enhancement Grants are awarded to qualifying nonprofit community or civic organizations for permanent projects that benefit their entire community. More information on how to apply for a grant can be found on 3rivers.net under Grants & Sponsorships.

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