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Now You Can Watch TV Everywhere!
Watch TV Everywhere3 Rivers' own TV service—3RTV Digital TV—now includesWatch TV Everywhere —FREE. This new service allows you to watch some of your favorite TV shows on any device—tablet, smartphone or PC—FREE with your paid subscription 3RTV! If a network is part of the 3RTV package to which you subscribe, you may view that network's TV Everywhere content via the Internet, as long as that network has online content available and 3 Rivers has an agreement with the network to provide access. 

Not a 3RTV customer? 3 Rivers is making 3RTV available in more places all the time. If you haven't checked to see if it's available in your area lately, contact us today! 

If you're already a 3RTV Digital TV customer, visit for information on how it works and to get started (you'll need the account number that appears on your bill for the initial registration process). We currently have about 30 networks available and we're adding more all the time so after you get set up, make sure you check back frequently!

Featured Apps – These Are Well Worth A Look

Facebook - FREE Vine - FREE
Vine allows you to record and share six-second looping videos. Interact with friends, browse videos from other users, or share your creations on Facebook or Twitter. 

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  Flixster - FREE Overdrive - FREE
Love to read? Then you'll love this app, which lets you borrow thousands of ebooks, audiobooks, and videos from your local library. 

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Scam Alert – Avoid The Top 5 Facebook Scams

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Go Pinterest-ing! – Cool Stuff To Pin On Your Pinterest Boards

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Quick Hot Chocolate
For Cold Winter Days
Slow Cooker Dinners
Make Dinner A Snap
Guests Will Get A Kick
Out Of These Footballs

You haven't started pinning on Pinterest yet and you want to get started? If so, click here.

Sites Of The Month – Great Sites To Check Out In January

Major Life Events Can Affect Your Taxes – When you're caught up in the joy of a baby, marriage, or new house—or in the challenges of divorce, bankruptcy, or a natural disaster—the last thing you're probably thinking about is taxes. But these types of situations can have a significant tax impact. Visit this site to learn more.
Tools To Get Fit, All in One Place – FitDay can help you meet your weight loss goals with several helpful tools: articles that focus on the challenges of weight loss, a dietician to create a custom health plan, a calorie counter to track calorie intake, and a mobile app to keep track on the go.
Secure Online Financial Tracking – Time to get your finances in order? With Mint, you can categorize and budget to achieve your financial goals. This online application allows you to see your cash, credit card, loan, and investment accounts all in one place. You can also organize your bills and get alerts when they're due.
Get And Stay Organized – From financial files to kids' toys to upcoming events, the Unclutterer can help you unclutter your life! This practical blog offers advice in numerous areas including kitchen, garage, and travel. For example, learn how to sort out your recipes, prepare yard tools for spring, or make the most of airport waiting time.

This Month's FAQ – What Do The Terms "Digital Native" And "Digital Immigrant" Mean?

Question: I've heard the terms "digital native" and "digital immigrant" but I don't know what they mean. Can you explain? 

Download Graphics to ViewAnswer: The terms "digital native" and "digital immigrant" both refer to how much of their lives people have spent in the digital world. Digital natives are those who have been interacting with digital devices, and especially the Internet, all their lives and feel comfortable with this technology. Digital natives are usually people in Generation Y and younger. 

Digital immigrants are typically people belonging to Generation X and previous generations, who experienced life before the Internet. These folks may have grown up with TV, video games, and early computers but were introduced to the Internet as teens or adults. They have adapted to the Internet and related technologies but the interaction isn't as comfortable as it is for younger users.
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