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April 2022



Fiber Corner - The Latest News on Fiber Projects

We're going to begin cutovers this spring for the Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) project in Melrose. Melrose customers should watch their mail for more information. Cutovers to ongoing projects continue in and around parts of Ennis and Big Sky.

Next up, construction is scheduled to start soon, weather permitting, on bringing FTTH to the entire Valier exchange, along with areas in Ennis and Big Sky.

Each issue of 3 Rivers' bi-monthly printed Currents newsletter (included in your mailed statement or attached via link to your SmartHub e-bill) contains information and updates on 3 Rivers FTTH projects in our "Fiber Corner" column. You can also check out our FAQ in the Fiber-to-the-Home section on Just FYI, the "Newsletter Archives" on provides a link to all previous editions of the Currents newsletter (as well as these eCurrents e-newsletters).



Download Images to View Download Images to ViewGrab a Shovel and Dig Into Website Compass

One of the best cures for spring fever is to get outside and start planting, whether that means flowers or vegetables or both. For seeds of inspiration, flip through the Spring 2022 Website Compass magazine now. You'll find lots of resources to help you grow your gardening knowledge.

Website Compass is a value-added bonus for being one of our internet customers. CLICK HERE or on the image on the right to access it.


Cool Video 1 - Download Graphics to View
Choir Students Inspire
Balconies at the Hyatt Regency in Louisville become a cylinder of sound when high schoolers sing the National Anthem.

Cool Video 2 - Download Graphics to View
Sheep Art with Heart
Unable to attend his aunt's funeral, an Australian farmer put grain in the shape of a heart so his sheep could speak for him.


Grow Your Garden Skills
Grow Your Garden Skills
April is Lawn and Garden Month. Dig into this site's how-to guides on garden prep, seeding, plant selection, and more.
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Plan Your Next Vacation
Plan Your Next Vacation
Travel through this handy resource to discover destination ideas and other advice to help you please your whole family.
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Make Sense of Finances
Make Sense of Finances
Get the latest financial news about inflation plus practical advice on budgeting, saving, and credit card selection.
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Cooking Demo 1 - Download Graphics to View
3 Tortilla Wraps
Get rolling and make a Mediterranean Wrap, Cream Cheese Wrap, or Hummus Wrap for an easy, no-cook meal.

Cooking Demo 2 - Download Graphics to View
3 Spring Desserts
Spring into the season with beautiful dessert ideas including Cherry Blossom Roll Cake with Cherries and Cream.


This app is an easy way to keep track of family appointments and activities, manage a shared grocery list, etc.
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Google Earth
Google Earth
Travel the world without leaving your seat, explore hundreds of 3D cities, and roll the dice to discover someplace new.
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Here's a free resource to securely store and share your family's cherished photos. It automatically creates albums by month.
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Crafty Demo 1 - Download Graphics to View
Rain Boot Planter
Turn a pair of plain rubber boots into cute and colorful flower planters to decorate your front porch or back patio this spring.

Crafty Demo 2 - Download Graphics to View
10 Hanging Lamps
Jute is the secret to making these easy and inexpensive lighting ideas for your home. They look great whether on or off.


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