A Message for Our Fairfield Customers

3 Rivers is planning to move our existing Central Office equipment (the nerve center of our Internet and telephone network) from our old Fairfield office building into our new building, in preparation for demolition of the old space. This will affect most of our co-op members in the Fairfield exchange. The work will be done in stages beginning May 31, lasting approximately one month, affecting a different set of Fairfield customers on any given day.

Your telephone and Internet service will be cut off as we disconnect sections of the network to be reconnected in the new space. Service will be lost for between two and eight hours, but once your service is back up, you will not lose it again in this process.

3 Rivers will contact you at least 24 hours before your service is affected so that you can plan accordingly. Generally, work on residential locations will take place during the daytime hours, when Internet usage is at its lowest, while work on business locations will take place after typical business hours.

During the entire process, the parking lots of 3 Rivers’ Fairfield offices will be turned into free WiFi hot spots should any of our co-op members need access to the Internet during the brief period they will be without service.

In addition to moving this equipment so the old building can be demolished, this project will allow us to modernize our central office facilities so we can continue to serve our members long into the future.

If you have any questions or concerns, or your service is not restored or working properly after the expected down time, please call 3 Rivers at 406-467-2535. Thank you for your patience.