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Holiday Office Hours

Following are scheduled hours for 3 Rivers business offices:

12/17 – Open 8-12/Shelby office Closed 12-5
12/18 – Open 8-12/Shelby office Closed 12-5
12/19 – Open 8-12/Shelby office Closed 12-5
12/20 – Open 8:30-4:30 Closed for lunch 12-1:15
12/23 – Open 8:30-4:30 Closed for lunch 12-1:15
12/24 – Shelby office Closed
12/25 – Shelby office Closed

12/20 – 9-4 Closed for lunch 1:30-2:30
12/23 – 9-4 Closed for lunch 1:30-2:30
12/24 – 8-2/Closed at 2:00
12/25 - Closed

Thanksgiving Week Business Office Hours

3 Rivers Thanksgiving week office hours are as follows:

  • Big Sky office will be closed the entire week, from 11/25 through 11/29.
  • Shelby office will be open on Monday, 11/25 and Wednesday, 11/27, closed Tuesday 11/26 as well as Thursday, 11/28 and Friday, 11/29.
  • Fairfield and Conrad offices will be closed Thursday, 11/28 and Friday, 11/29.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Satellite TV Representatives

3 Rivers has received some calls from customers concerned about satellite TV representatives going door-to-door claiming they are working WITH 3 Rivers to help transition customers away from 3 Rivers’ TV service. This is not the case. 3 Rivers has not shared our customer list nor made an agreement with ANYONE to represent 3 Rivers in offering satellite TV as a replacement for 3RTV.

Fall Solar Outages Affect 3RTV

Twice a year, 3RTV viewers (and ALL TV viewers) across our area may experience brief signal pixelization, interference or loss of signal as the sun passes behind various satellites providing programming feeds. This phenomenon is known as a solar outage and occurs for a few weeks in the fall and then again in the spring. This fall, the outages begin late September and continue through mid-October.

FREE HBO & Cinemax July 6-9!

3RTV subscribers get another FREE preview of HBO and Cinemax Friday, July 6th through Monday, July 9th. Catch the start of the new series Sharp Objects, plus TV premieres of Justice League and The Great Wall. You'll also get to see other big Hollywood movies like It and Dunkirk! Watch them all on 3RTV channels 521—537. Don't have 3RTV? Click here for more information. 

Email Scam

A scam email is going around to some 3 Rivers customers with the subject line “Quarantined” regarding their email settings. THIS IS A SCAM AND IS NOT FROM 3 RIVERS! 3 Rivers will never send an email like this to our customers. Another sign that this email is a scam is in the “From” line—the email address is not 3 Rivers! Always be sure of the sender before clicking on any link included in an email.

Root Sports Game Conflicts

With the Seattle Mariners MLB season starting, and the NBA (Utah Jazz) and NHL (Vegas Golden Knights) still going, there will be times over the next couple of weeks when game times will overlap on Root Sports. 3RTV has two Root Sports channels available—41/1041HD airs the main Root game, and 601 Alternate Root will carry the secondary game. Check your onscreen guide for details (or just check channel 601 when the game you want to watch is not on 41/1041HD). Below are some upcoming conflicts, with game and channel information.

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