Local Voice Service

3 Rivers provides traditional local exchange telephone service as well as digital voice service to residential and business customers. We also offer long-distance and more than twenty calling features from voice mail to caller ID on call waiting.

When you sign up for service, you become a member of 3 Rivers Telephone Cooperative, Inc. This means you actually own a piece of the company and become eligible to participate in distribution of any profits through capital credits.

Please call 3 Rivers at 467-2535 or 800-796-4567 for local monthly rates for residential and business customers.

Visit our Subscriber Information section for ordering, repair, and other questions.

Long Distance 

3 Rivers has Long Distance calling plan options ranging from “bucket of minutes” to reduced cost-per-minute plans. Click here for more information.

What is Digital Voice?

All modern telecommunications networks use digital transmission to move the sound of your voice across a nationwide - or global - network. Digital signals are far more reliable, efficient and secure and are used universally by all telecommunications companies. This is the case for your cell phone, your 3 Rivers phone calls and even your television, and has been for more than a decade. Read more...


3 Rivers Service Areas/Extended Area Service (EAS)

3 Rivers is the local telephone provider in 26 exchanges, and also provides service in Conrad and Shelby, plus limited service in Great Falls. 

3 Rivers cooperative members are now part of 3 Rivers’ Extended Area Service (EAS) with the capability to call from one 3 Rivers exchange to any other 3 Rivers exchange without having to dial 406 and without incurring toll charges. (Does not include Conrad, Shelby or Great Falls.)
For more information, including a map and list of all 3 Rivers exchanges included in this new service, click here.