Consumer Tips



900 Telephone Calls

Private companies offer a variety of informational programs using phone numbers that begin with “900.” These numbers are costly and you can be held responsible for these calls if they appear on your bill. Calls charging one dollar or more must contain an introductory disclosure message specifying types of charges, time necessary to complete the call, and an option to disconnect without charge at the end of the introductory message.

3 Rivers will assist you in placing a “900” block on your telephone line at no cost. Please call our business office for more information.

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Obscene or Harassing Phone Calls

Stay calm and hang up the phone. Call your local telephone company for information on how to handle these types of phone calls.

It’s against the law to make obscene or threatening phone calls. Telephone harassment is a crime. Penalties include imprisonment and/or a fine.

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Unwanted Telemarketing Calls

Many telemarketers use computer-generated calls to reach you. This sometimes results in “phantom rings,” which causes your phone to ring, yet you find no one at the other end of the line when you answer. To disconnect a computer generated call, simply hang up your phone for 12-15 seconds.