Change to 3RTV Pay Per View

On February 1, 2019, 3 Rivers will begin offering Event TV, featuring Pay-Per-View events from the most popular brands in combat and ring sports, including UFC and WWE. This 24/7 service also includes concerts, documentaries, stand-up comedy, reality and uncensored content. The new service is available on 3RTV channels 701 and 702, replacing the current Pay-Per-View lineup from iNDEMAND. 

Root Sports December Game Conflicts

3RTV subscribers please note that occasionally there will be conflicts when teams covered by Root Sports have games scheduled at the same time. When this happens, 3RTV will have TWO Root Sports channels available—in addition to channel 41/1041HD, we have an alternate Root Sports channel available on 601. Please check your onscreen guide to get up-to-date info for what’s on TV and when! Here are the conflicts we know about for December: