3 Rivers Awards Contract for Remodel/New Addition

3 Rivers Communications has awarded a contract to Detailed Construction from Stockett for $2.8 million to replace one of the office buildings at its Fairfield headquarters.  The construction will replace a building originally built in 1977.  Work will begin at the end of July, with a projected completion date set for the summer of 2021.

3 Rivers’ oldest building has many significant issues that need to be addressed. The heating and cooling systems are long past expected life and are unreliable.  Due to numerous internal renovations over the years, the current layout is inefficient and compartmentalized.  Proper ventilation of the building is growing more difficult each year.  Roof leaks have been an ongoing problem with increasing frequency.  This building also contains the Cooperative’s switch rooms – the nerve center of a telecommunications company -- housing equipment critical to network reliability for all 3 Rivers members.  The entire network could be compromised by a bad leak or lack of proper heating and cooling.

The new building will be constructed in the northwest parking lot of the corporate headquarters area.  After the new building is completed, the old building on the east end of the campus will be demolished and converted into a small park.

You can follow the construction in progress at the following link: http://3rivers.net/content/fairfield-construction