3RTV Digital Television

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Do you have Pay Per View or On Demand?3RTV Digital Video currently offers Pay Per View events including UFC, Boxing, WWE and other special events and programming, including adult content. We do not have On Demand movies at this time.

Do you have High Definition (HD) programming?3RTV Digital Video currently offers more than 80 channels in HD, including local broadcast channels and premium movie channels.

What does High Definition programming cost?3RTV Digital Video provides all HD programming FREE, providing that you subscribe to the corresponding standard version of the HD channel.

What does the Whole Home DVR mean?3RTV Digital Video Whole Home DVR (digital video recorder) means that you can use one DVR set top box to view recorded programming on any other connected set top box in your home.

Can I have more than 1 DVR?You can, but with 3RTV Video Service’s Whole Home DVR it may not be necessary.

How many shows can I record at one time with the DVR?You can record up to three channels while watching or recording a fourth channel at the same time.

Are all channels digital?All 3RTV Digital Video channels are 100% digital, delivered via 3 Rivers’ Fiber Optic network directly to your home or business.

Will you need to run new cables throughout my home if I’ve had cable or satellite TV before?The IPTV set top boxes take a different type of input signal than cable television. In order to achieve the best results, the technician will run new Ethernet cables from the fiber optic box on the side of your house to each television location. There may be situations (hard basement ceilings, masonry walls) where we may need to reuse the cable that previously fed the TV. The technician will discuss with you what locations will be wired and how the wiring will be run before beginning work. Wireless options are available for some situations. 

Will my old TV work, or does it need certain input/output ports?The set top box can provide signals that will feed any kind of TV that you might have.

How long will the install take?The time for installation will vary depending on the number of TV’s and the particulars of your house’s walls, floors, and ceilings. Most installations are completed within 2 to 4 hours.