Preferred Carrier Freeze Information


A significant problem known as “Slamming” is currently taking place in the telecommunications industry. Slamming is the illegal and unauthorized changing of your chosen telecommunications carrier. Previously, 3 Rivers Communications verified with the customer all requested carrier changes. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) however has prohibited us from performing this service.

In order to minimize the expense and inconvenience which may result from “slamming”, 3 Rivers Communications offers its subscribers the protection of a “freeze” of their carrier, either local or long distance. Subscribers may freeze the carrier providing any or all services; however, FCC Rules require a separate authorization for each service.

If you choose a Preferred Carrier Freeze, 3 Rivers Communications will not change your carrier without your direct authorization. There is no charge for establishing a Preferred Carrier Freeze or for lifting a freeze order. The charge for changing long distance carriers is $5.50. There is no charge to change local carriers. The FCC’s verification procedure for removing a Preferred Carrier Freeze and changing a preferred carrier requires one of the following actions to occur before you or anyone else changes your specified carrier:

  • You authorize 3 Rivers Communications