Statement of Billing Error Rights

This statement sets out your billing error rights with respect to telephone-billed purchases made using interstate 900 pay-per-call services that are billed to you through 3 Rivers Telephone.

The rights and obligations of you, the customer, and of 3 Rivers Telephone and any long distance company, who we do billing and collections for, set out here, are provided under the Federal Telephone Disclosure and Dispute Resolution Act.

This is the procedure that you must follow to notify 3 Rivers Telephone of a billing error and the steps that we or any long distance company, who we do billing and collections for, must take in response to your notice.

You may provide notice of a billing error to 3 Rivers Telephone by telephone or in writing. If you write, you should:

  1. give us your name or the customer’s name, and telephone number to which the charge was billed;
  2. tell us the date and amount of the error, and the type of error you believe occurred; and
  3. tell us why you believe it was an error.

You should contact 3 Rivers Telephone first, since we have an agreement to receive billing error notifications from customers. You may provide a notice to any long distance company, who we do billing and collections for, instead, and it may ask you to contact us directly, and provide to you our name, mailing address, and business telephone number, even if it also sends your billing error notice to us.

A customer who orally communicates an allegation of a billing error is presumed to have provided sufficient notice to initiate a billing review.

You have the right to withhold payment of any disputed amount pending completion of our billing review, and any action to collect any disputed amount will be suspended pending completion of the billing review.

If it is determined that no billing error occurred, your rights and obligations are as follows:

We will transmit to you an explanation setting forth the reasons why it has been determined that there was no error. If there was an error, even a partial error, or an error different than what you asserted - your account will be adjusted appropriately. If you request, we will provide a written explanation and copies of any documentary evidence of the customer indebtness.

This action will be taken within two billing cycles (two month