Lifeline/Special Needs


Lifeline and Link-Up support is designed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to promote phone usage by reducing the local monthly residential telephone bills of low-income consumers. Lifeline provides qualified telephone customers discounts on monthly basic telephone services. Link-Up provides support for qualified, low-income customers living on a reservation to connect or hook up to the telephone network.


Lifeline Enrollment Form

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Customers With Special Telephone Needs

Montana Relay Service

The Montana Relay Service (MTRS) is a communications service that links deaf, hard of hearing and speech disabled to hearing people via the telephone. To use this service, dial the appropriate number and the relay agent will assist you throughout your call. All calls and information are confidential. This 24-hour service is provided at no cost to callers. Long distance calls will be billed accordingly.

For more information please call: TTY/Voice 1-866-735-2968

The Montana Telecommunications Access Program (MTAP) administers the Montana Relay Service (MTRS). MTAP also provides amplified telephone equipment and TTY devices to people who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech disabled at no cost. MTAP suits the individual needs of all qualified Montana applicants.

TTY 711 or 1-800-253-4091

For information about this service please click here or contact :

PO Box 4210
Helena, MT 59604

TTY/Voice 1-800-833-8503 TTY/Voice 1-406-444-1335

Call today to receive an application for free, specialized, telephone equipment for the deaf, hard of hearing, and speech disabled.

Telecommunications Service Accessibility Survey

In an effort to ensure that all of our customers with disabilities are able to effectively use our telecommunications services, we’re reaching out to collect information and provide the opportunity for suggestions on ho