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SecureIT Plus

So you're in need of full-service anti-virus software that protects your PC and controls the sites your kids visit, among many other things? You're in the right place!

SecureIT Plus Includes...

·         Anti-virus protection

·         Anti-spyware protection

·         Microsoft patch updates

·         Hands-free security updates

·         Internet pop-up blocker

·         Personal firewall protection

·         Monthly summary reports

·         Online Internet reporting

·         24/7 technical support

·         Hard drive maintenance and
file optimization

·         Parental controls

·         Guaranteed protection service

With SecureIT Plus, you'll never have to think about Internet security again!

Free for one computer, $3.95 per month for additional computers.

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FileHopper Plus

Online Backup Cloud Storage

Help safeguard the things that matter to you most, so that you never lose an important file again!

  • Easy backup of photos, music, documents and more
  • 5 GB, 50 GB and 250 GB storage points—starting at $3.95 per month
  • Safe 128-bit encryption—the same used by banks
  • Multiple computer —install FileHopper Plus on any number of Windows and Mac computers, all with the same account
  • Remote file access so you can retreive your files from any Internet-connected computer
  • File sharing capabilities—share your large files with anyone just by sending an email
  • Use one online folder to store, access and edit files on any computer you have FileHopper Plus installed on
  • Free 24/7/365 support

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