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The five personal email accounts that you will receive as part of your 3 Rivers Internet service are easy to use and fully functional.

3 Rivers Communications provides FREE Barracuda e-mail spam and virus protection to ALL of our Internet e-mail customers. This service is built-in to our e-mail server, and requires no action on your part. Barracuda automatically notifies you via e-mail when it has quarantined spam or potentially dangerous e-mail, which you can access with a username and password.

Default security settings in Barracuda are sufficient in most instances. However, these settings are easily changed by following on-line instructions at the link below.

If you have questions, please call a 3 Rivers customer service representative at 467-2535 or 1-800-796-4567

Barracuda Setup Procedures

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Online Payment

All 3 Rivers High Speed Internet and Dial-up customers have access to 3 Rivers E-Bill, an easy, convenient way to view and pay your 3 Rivers local telephone, 3 Rivers long distance and 3 Rivers Internet bill from the privacy of your own home. 3 Rivers E-Bill accepts credit card, debit card and bank electronic funds transfers for payment.