Help Us Celebrate the Beauty of Montana!

3 Rivers is asking you to send us your best photo taken in our serving area and it could grace the cover of one of our telephone directories! 

The winning photos will be featured on the cover of one of four 3 Rivers local phone directories. Winners will be acknowledged in the directory, on 3 Rivers website as well as other digital media. Plus, the winning photographers will each receive a $50 credit toward their 3 Rivers bill.


Hallmark Drama, FS2 and More Added to Lineups!

3RTV has added channels to each of our programming packages. Grit and Cozi are now part of the Basic Package on channels 1611 and 1612 respectively in 3 Rivers’ north central Montana exchanges with Great Falls local channels. Grit broadcasts old western movies and TV shows while Cozi features a variety of older shows like Adam-12 and Frazier. Grit is also being adding on channel 1611 in 3 Rivers’ southwestern Montana areas that get local channels out of Butte/Bozeman. Cozi is not currently available in this area.


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