6 New HD Channels Added to 3RTV!

We’ve added 6 new HD channels to our 3RTV Digital Video Service—MTV HD (channel 661), CMT HD (663), Comedy Central HD (664), Spike HD (665), Nickelodeon HD (667) and VH1 HD (668) have been added to our lineup, now with more than 50 HD channels—still FREE, when you subscribe to the corresponding package!

To accommodate this, HD movie channels have been moved as follows:

801-HBO HD, 811-Cinemax HD, 821-Starz HD, 841-Showtime HD, 851-TMC HD

New Music Choice Channels!

You want more, well @MusicChoice on 3RTV Cable and Digital Video is giving you more! On December 10th Music Choice is expanding the music channel lineup to 50 channels (these are in the 900 series of channels on your 3RTV service) to give you more of the music you love! Check out new channels like Teen MC, Pop Rhythmic, Love Songs, Pop Country and more! Click here for more info.

Local School Programming on 3RTV!

Upcoming programs on local channel 10 for 3RTV Digital Video customers, produced by Fairfield High School:

Thursday, 11/21

6 pm Veterans Program 2013

7 pm MHSA Sportsmanship Message

8 pm Fairfield Volleyball v Glasgow, Divisional Quarter Final

Friday, 11/22

6 pm MHSA Sportsmanship Message

7 pm Fairfield Volleyball v Choteau Divisional Championship (4 sets out of 5)

9 pm Fair

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Computer Virus Alert

There is a computer virus going around called "CryptoLocker" that can cause lasting and severe damage to the data stored on your networks.

CryptoLocker is a type of ransomware that is injected into your network by a user who clicks on an attachment in a suspicious e-mail.

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