eCurrents | March 2012

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Sun Activity May Cause Video Outages

Customers receiving video service from 3 Rivers (or any other provider) may experience brief picture outages due to sun spot activity now through March 7. Activity is expected during the following times:

2/27     1:08 pm- 4:24 pm

2/28     10:22 am- 4:45 pm

Pay Per View Movies and Events Now Available on 3RTV Digital Video!

Catch the latest Hollywood movies on 3RTV Pay-Per-View now on 3RTV Digital Video in Fairfield, East Conrad and Carter! Order with a click of your remote on channels 702 through 705 for just $3.99! Plus you’ll find all the big UFC bouts, WWE Wrestling events, specials and more on Event TV, now on channels 706 and 707! Check out your onscreen guide for movie titles, events, times and pricing. Adult content is also available (call 3 Rivers first for access).

eCurrents | February 2012

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Scam Warning

3 Rivers received a call from a customer about a scam attempt. The scammer (calling from area code 858) said he represented Microsoft Windows and 3 Rivers and that the customer had “unprotected files.” The scammer then asked the customer to log on to her computer and follow his instructions to "solve the problem." This was likely an attempt to get personal information from the customer that could be used later. 3 Rivers DOES NOT make unsolicited calls like this. Please call us if you feel someone is falsely representing 3 Rivers to get access your personal info.

eCurrents | January 2012

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eCurrents | December 2011

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