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Tax-Related Scams, Amazing Videos, More!

Scam Warning

3 Rivers received a call from a customer about a scam attempt. The scammer (calling from area code 858) said he represented Microsoft Windows and 3 Rivers and that the customer had “unprotected files.” The scammer then asked the customer to log on to her computer and follow his instructions to "solve the problem." This was likely an attempt to get personal information from the customer that could be used later. 3 Rivers DOES NOT make unsolicited calls like this. Please call us if you feel someone is falsely representing 3 Rivers to get access your personal info.

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Buyer and Seller Beware, Online Services and more!

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What's a Malvertisement?

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Upgrades to 3 Rivers Webmail, Phishing Scams and more!

3 Rivers Hires New CEO/General Manager

David Gibson, former president in Montana of Qwest Communications (now CenturyLink), has been hired by 3 Rivers as the cooperative’s new Chief Executive Officer and General Manager.

“As a new era in rural communications unfolds at 3 Rivers, with increased competition, technological advances and major regulatory reform, we feel Dave’s proven leadership skills will position 3 Rivers to remain a leader in rural communications in Montana,” 3 Rivers’ Board President Mary Hill stated.

Gibson will take over from Interim General Manager Mike Henning, who along with senior management

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Facebook warning, TV at 3 Rivers and more!

Long Distance Issues

3 Rivers telephone customers, along with customers of other providers in rural areas across Montana and other states, are experiencing problems with long distance phone calls not being completed or suffering from other call quality issues.


Some of these issues are:

How Important is High Speed Internet to You?

How important is your high speed internet to you, your family, your business, your community? Did you know that new government rules proposed by the FCC could impact your access to broadband Internet service in rural Montana?

Grants / Sponsorships

3 Rivers Communications was formed as a cooperative and strongly believes in the cooperative principles. In keeping with these ideals, 3 Rivers Communications supports our communities through grants, sponsorships and donations.  Please click on the following links for additional information.

Community Enhancement Grant Guidelines
Community Enhancement Grant Application

Community Support Guidelines
Community Support Application

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