Website Hosting Help

FTP is an acronym for File Transfer Protocol. You have to use an FTP connection to upload your files to a web server, thus making your files available on the Internet.

Typically, you will work with your files offline and afterwards upload them with your FTP client. Remember that your home page must be called index.html. This page is the page appearing when people try to access your home page without writing a specific filename, normally just your domainname,, for example.

Do I need Frontpage Server Extensions?

Only if you create and upload your site in the program called "Microsoft FrontPage". Read more about Frontpage here...

Which FTP-client?

Although there are many free and low-cost FTP programs available, we recommend CuteFTP, which is a shareware program. Go here to download CuteFTP.

Setting up your FTP-connection in CuteFTP:

After you have started CuteFTP, go to "Site Manager":

Click"FTP" in the upper left corner

Click"Site Manager"

Click"Add Site"

Fill out the following fields:

Site Label : "My FTP connection", or a descriptive name for your site. Only you will see this.

Host Address : Your domain name, for example "". If you do not have