Configure Windows Outlook Express E-mail

Please follow all steps – pictures are examples only.

  1. Double left click on the Outlook Express Icon located on your desktop
    This is what you will see:
  2. Left click on "Tools" located at the top of the screen
  3. A box will appear with choices. Left click on "Accounts"
  4. Left click on the "Mail" Tab
  5. Left click on "Add" button & use the wizard
  6. Enter your REAL name – Left click Next

  7. Type in your  3 Rivers E-mail address:____________________
  8. Left click Next
  9. Type "" in the Incoming mail server box:
  10. Type "" in the Outgoing mail server box:

  11. Left click Next
  12. Type in your username in the Account name box
  13. Type in your password in the Password box (Remember: all lowercase)
  14. Left Click Next
  15. Left Click Finish

    You will now be back to the Internet Accounts Box
  16. Left Click on the "Properties" button
    Your screen should look like this:
  17. Check that your e-mail address is correct in the "E-mail address" box
  18. Type in your e-mail address in the "Reply