Internet Technical Support

Although we make every effort to keep our Internet access free of complications, there may be times that you have trouble connecting to our service. This could be caused by many different sources: problems with your own computer, a system failure on our end or it could be a service down out in the world wide web that we have no control over.

If you experience problems with our Internet connection, please call our free Technicial Support staff to help identify and solve the problem. Technical Support is available by calling 1-888-783-7354, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

If you are able to connect to the Internet and need Technical Support services for computer questions and/or problems you may also contact an on-duty technician by filling out a request for help form by clicking the Contact link at the top-right of any page on this site.

Home Wi-Fi Basics

Nearly every device that connects to the Internet in your home today does so using Wi-Fi. Everything from tablets to refrigerators to TVs are Wi-Fi-enabled.  Read more

Connecting Your Computer to Your TV

If you have a "Smart" (Internet-enabled) TV or Blu-Ray player it's an easy process to use it to watch Internet content on your TV set. Here is a link to an online tutorial 

If you don’t have an Internet-enabled TV, use your search engine to find out how or check out this video: